Thursday, August 25, 2011

...Is a Noob to This Whole Blog Thing?

Well here we go! For some reason I, Julia, seem to have found myself feeling as though the people of this world are interested in what I have to say and want to know about my life. Selfish, huh? Well whatever. The world and every being that takes residence on it are flawed, so I don't see why I should be ashamed of a little pride and selfishness. Besides, my life is really interesting, if I do say so myself. I've lived in eight or nine different states, my boyfriend is spending a year in Panama, my mom is a lesbian, I'm an awarded writer, and my group of best friends has a title. Seriously, we have a Facebook page and everything.

And so, with this selfishness and imperfection of my character completely understood, I open up my blog and thrust my slightly mediocre life down your throat.

Conformity at it's best, no?

So I'm not exactly sure what I should talk about in this very first blog, so I suppose I'll explain the title. So the way my brain works as a tendency to be a little... different. It's not really excessively creative or conformative, but somewhere in between? I don't know... But anyway, the way I work is that when I find something I like... Something that just catches my attention and holds it tight... I literally can't get rid of it. It festers in the back of my mind and will pop out at the weirdest of moments, coming up in the most random conversations.

Like this one time I was talking to my mom (the biological one) and she was talking to me about how my littlest sister Jerzey was learning to scoot across the floor and out of no where I said "Oh! Baby dolphins mature at age ten!"... And I have no idea why that popped into my head... Or why the hell I felt the need to say it!

But those are just the things that catch my attention in passing. When there's something I stumble upon that excessively catches my attention and I remember, it becomes a HUGE obsession.

Like Doctor Who.
Doctor Who is amazing.
I love it.
New season premieres this Saturday.
Watch it.

Anyway... When I have something that I am really passionate about or such, I often use the phrase "Am I the only one who... likes Doctor Who" or "... has an obsession with Jason Mraz" or "... feels as though giraffes are the cockiest animals alive". You know... normal things.

So since a bunch of my friends (actually pretty much only Liz and Joey) have created blogs, I figured I might as well jump on the non-hipster band wagon and start to expand my ranting range.

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