Tuesday, August 30, 2011

... Often Uses the Phrase "Hi, I'm Julia and I'm a Procrastinator"?

So yeah... I am a horrible, horrible, horrendous PROCRASTINATOR.

Like, it's gone from minorly humorous to relatively ridiculous. I procrastinate on everything from homework to eating. Yeah... I'm too lazy to eat sometimes. I'll be sitting at my house on the couch, lounging around and all of a sudden my stomach will start gruesomely growling at me, begging for some food, and I'll consider walking the three feet to my kitchen and grabbing a snack, but then my brain goes "Hmm... No, that's a whole lot of work." and I'll just continue sitting there, my stomach cursing my name, and continue watching whatever program I'm currently enjoying (probably Doctor Who) or whatever game I'm playing (probably Assassin's Creed).

So, I suppose, thinking hard on the topic, my procrastination is directly attributed to my hardcore, Olympic-medal-winning-status laziness. I’m not actually sure where my laziness comes from. I was never lazy as a child; I just didn’t want to do much. Instead of going out and running around on the playground after school, I would sit on my bed and read. When I got older I became a little more active, but then once middle school and high school started up, I let my laziness take over and I became the inactive, lazy, unathletic and completely lovable person I am today.

Though looking at me, I don’t think you’d be able to tell that I eat the worst junk food – ALL THE TIME – and that I despise the idea of exercise. Most of the time people – those that don’t know me and by correlation don’t know how lazy I am – tend to think that I’m an athlete of some kind.

Oh how wrong they are.

If I was an athlete of some kind, I could imagine myself at home ten minutes before the beginning of a game or race or match, tutting about and coming up with excuses not to go to whatever sporting event was taking place.

But back to the actual subject at hand – ranting never looked so good, did it? – I am indeed a horrid procrastinator. I put things off until, sometimes literally, the last minute. Homework I usually do in the mornings before heading to school or in classes right before the class the homework is due. Projects rarely get done until the night before unless I really, strangely, having a drive to do them earlier (maybe extra credit? I like extra credit).

So yeah, now my laziness is taking control and I’m sick of writing this. I hope you all enjoyed reading this little… informative writing? Eh, whatever. And I also hope you enjoyed imagining a Procrastinators Anonymous session like I did.


P.S. Oh, and for those of you few that are wondering… Yes, this post was supposed to be up yesterday but I put it off until today. Peace.

Friday, August 26, 2011

... Feels Laptops Are Going to Cause a Revolution?

So yeah... definitely stole the title for this one from a friend of mine, Joel, but whatever. I never said I was original, did I? I didn't think so. And besides, a title isn't all that important right? I mean... it's the content of the actual object (in this case a spectacularly borish and unneeded blog) that really shines through and matters, right? Just say yes and move on.

But, really, it's amazing how true that statement above  is. I mean... The seniors and juniors of my high school just got their own, personal laptops in the past two days and already things have left the stratasphere of normality and catapulted into the abyss of chaos. The sexurity block for the internet... and, yes, I do mean SEXurity...
Because, you know, no one knows what sex is in high school.
... has been completely thrown out the window. Within two hours of acquiring his laptop, a friend of mine had cracked the whole system and was on all of those restricted "sexually explicit" sites... Like Facebook... That is a dirty dirty place.

The laptops themselves are alright, it's the way people are using them. They're actually relatively useful when you're not searching for information on Elizabeth Timothy (the first female reporter) for an essay and a site labeled "The Life and Times of a Great American Writer" is blocked for sexual and adult content... Screw that.

But I digress, I suppose it's just human nature to want to crack the system, get around obstacles set before you, and stick it to The Man. The mass, 2000+ person e-mails that are eventually going to crash the computers and get our e-mails taken away from us is a bit much, though, I must admit. I feel like the administration is just sitting in their office laughing at how futile these little efforts are, knowing they've got us all under their thumbs...
Wish some other people would realize this.

Personally, I'd rather have a laptop where I can't go on Facebook and I know that the creepy kid who looks like he's 40 sitting beside me ISN'T looking up porn than not have a laptop and instead have just an empty carrying case.

By the way... these cases are the shit.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

...Is a Noob to This Whole Blog Thing?

Well here we go! For some reason I, Julia, seem to have found myself feeling as though the people of this world are interested in what I have to say and want to know about my life. Selfish, huh? Well whatever. The world and every being that takes residence on it are flawed, so I don't see why I should be ashamed of a little pride and selfishness. Besides, my life is really interesting, if I do say so myself. I've lived in eight or nine different states, my boyfriend is spending a year in Panama, my mom is a lesbian, I'm an awarded writer, and my group of best friends has a title. Seriously, we have a Facebook page and everything.

And so, with this selfishness and imperfection of my character completely understood, I open up my blog and thrust my slightly mediocre life down your throat.

Conformity at it's best, no?

So I'm not exactly sure what I should talk about in this very first blog, so I suppose I'll explain the title. So the way my brain works as a tendency to be a little... different. It's not really excessively creative or conformative, but somewhere in between? I don't know... But anyway, the way I work is that when I find something I like... Something that just catches my attention and holds it tight... I literally can't get rid of it. It festers in the back of my mind and will pop out at the weirdest of moments, coming up in the most random conversations.

Like this one time I was talking to my mom (the biological one) and she was talking to me about how my littlest sister Jerzey was learning to scoot across the floor and out of no where I said "Oh! Baby dolphins mature at age ten!"... And I have no idea why that popped into my head... Or why the hell I felt the need to say it!

But those are just the things that catch my attention in passing. When there's something I stumble upon that excessively catches my attention and I remember, it becomes a HUGE obsession.

Like Doctor Who.
Doctor Who is amazing.
I love it.
New season premieres this Saturday.
Watch it.

Anyway... When I have something that I am really passionate about or such, I often use the phrase "Am I the only one who... likes Doctor Who" or "... has an obsession with Jason Mraz" or "... feels as though giraffes are the cockiest animals alive". You know... normal things.

So since a bunch of my friends (actually pretty much only Liz and Joey) have created blogs, I figured I might as well jump on the non-hipster band wagon and start to expand my ranting range.